We’re here because we love what we do.

Andrej Brummer

Andrej Brummer

Digital Marketing Specialist

I help ecommerce business owners increase sales using Facebook and Instagram ads. By systematically building and managing your ad funnels and continually testing the latest ad methods our clients are able to increase return on ad spend and grow their businesses, allowing them to create a more stable way of life for themselves and their loved ones.

Karen Brummer

Karen Brummer

Website & SEO Specialist

I help local business owners create a unique and user friendly online presence. I use my specialised skill combination of a marketing background together with website technical know how to create beautiful, responsive websites that attract and convert prospects into paying customers.

When your optimised website is integrated with Andrej’s marketing system, it creates a powerful machine that can generate your business profit.

We’re a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Andrej and Karen lead specialist teams who are dedicated to helping you build your business. We consistently produce results that exceed expectations.

We have deep experience and a proven track record in the key areas of digital marketing: Facebook and Instagram advertising, website optimisation, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and email.

Our proprietary model the “E-Commerce Ecosystem” has been refined, tested and measured over years of digital marketing optimisation strategies.

We begin by testing different messages in your marketing and once we have clear winners we scale your strategies to reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your return on ad spend.

Our History

We began building websites in 2006 and digital advertising in 2008.  At the time we both held corporate jobs, but through consistently testing and improving we found we were able to make more money in our online business than in our jobs.

We quit our jobs and began travelling the world ‘for a few months to a year’ while continuing to earn our income via our website and marketing … which led us to discovering our passion of helping businesses grow.  We worked with many local and ecommerce businesses in Asia, implementing the same system we had perfected in our own business and ended up travelling and helping there for 7 years.

At this point we were missing our home in NZ, so before the arrival of our first child we returned home to New Zealand.  We’ve been helping businesses here in our homeland grow using our website and digital marketing strategies ever since.

We still travel around New Zealand and the world, along with our little girl, helping businesses grow.