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>> The email strategy we used to generate over $500,000.00 for one eCommerce store.


>> A copy of the top performing Facebook ad that is generating 20x ROAS (return on ad spend – that’s $20 out for every $1 this client has put in) in one campaign that has so far made this client over $6 Million dollars. (+ 3 bonus top performing ads)


>> The welcome email series that put a bonus $67k in our client’s pocket.


>> A $10k messenger bot flow chart for automating your customer service.


>> The Winning Small Business Framework – Marketing Format That Works video presented by our Google partner Alexei Kouleshov.


>> Bonus for bricks and mortar businesses – a copy of our book “How to Get More Local Customers”.  Some great strategies in here to action while you’re at home so that you’re poised for more customers after lockdown.