5 Ways To Optimise Your Facebook Business Page To Increase Business

These days Facebook is the place to be online…and be found online


Facebook has been huge for years on a social level, but now Facebook is one of the best tools for marketing your business.

As of July 2014, 829 million people log onto Facebook every day from all around the world, this is an increase of 27 million from just the last quarter alone. Facebook has more than twice the daily reach of traditional media (TV and radio) yet advertising on Facebook costs only 1% of the equivalent reach using TV and radio channels!

Facebook is now a publicly listed company so needs to make money for its shareholders and in its drive for advertising revenue it is turning the online business advertising world upside down, to the detriment of Google.


The reigning king of social media

You need a Facebook Business page…set up correctly

If you don’t already have one, you must have been living under a rock for the last 5 years.

If you do have one, are you turning your fan base and other Facebook users who may be interested in your wares into cash?


Here are 5 ways to optimize your Facebook business page to do business:

1. Find the right balance of fun, interesting posts and money making pitches to your potential clients. Every 1 in 15 posts should be a hard offer of your products and services with a link to buy. You should optimally post every day to keep your followers interested.

2. Does your page describe your business in a fun and exciting way using words and imagery to demonstrate why you stand out from your competition and why people should do business with you? Read over all your information and make it snappy with a “wow” factor. Check out a few other successful business pages (more than 10,000 likes) to get some ideas.

3. How much audience engagement do you have? How many people are “talking about you”? You want a regular flow of post/page likes, comments and shares. Are you getting them? Try using more pictures, asking questions, sharing interesting links and being controversial to get your fans to engage with your page. Use Insights to find what posts have more audience engagement and do more like them.

4. Do you have a Facebook store and/or link to product related pages on your website often? Your business page needs to also be about business. People who know and engage with your page are way more likely to buy from you, but only if they are subtlety and regularly reminded of what you have to offer them.

5. Get yourself a Facebook App that enables you to collect names and email addresses of fans right off your page. To encourage them to do this give them something really fantastic for free, like a discount coupon, a free report, a valuable download. Create a powerful, benefit driven headline for your offer. This is a great way to start or continue to build a list of people that are interested in your business. Email marketing is a very powerful tool to wield because only up to 3% of people are ready to purchase upon visiting your site, but up to 30% will buy within 12 months…

To get ahead in today’s world of effective business marketing, one of your top priorities needs to be owning an effective Facebook business page. If you are not already doing this you are losing out on a huge number of people just waiting to become your clients who will go and do business with someone else!