We’re here because we love what we do.

Andrej Brummer

Andrej Brummer

CEO and Digital Marketing Data Scientist

I help eCommerce business owners and CEO’s increase sales using Facebook ads. By systematically building and managing your ad funnels and continually testing the latest ad methods, our clients are able to increase return on ad spend and grow their businesses, allowing them to create a more stable way of life for their families.

Karen Brummer

Karen Brummer

Business Strategist

I help CEO’s and owners of brands that do good change the world.

Crafting messages and creating additional income streams for our clients is my specialty and I co-ordinate with the Design, Marketing and Technical teams to create you a web presence that grows your business and gives you back time and freedom.

Ashraful Ash

Ashraful Ash

Website Technical Expert

I build and maintain eCommerce websites, testing and refining landing pages to increase sales.

Alex Brummer

Alex Brummer


I design memorable visual assets for brands to use on their websites and marketing campaigns.

We Offer Full Digital  Growth Services

Under the direction of Andrej and Karen, Team Amplify works to grow our client’s brands.

Combining our design, marketing and website technical teams gets the fastest result, and is only for people who are serious about growing their business.

We have deep experience and a proven track record in the key areas of digital business growth: Facebook and Instagram advertising, website optimisation, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and email marketing campaigns.

Our proprietary model the “E-Commerce Ecosystem” has been refined, tested and measured over years of digital marketing optimisation.

We refine your message and scale your best performing growth strategies to reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your return on ad spend.

Our History

Andrej launched our first digital marketing campaign back in 2007 in his own online business.

The success of this led to Andrej and Karen spending a decade traveling the world, finding businesses that they loved, and helping them.

As word of mouth has spread about our Award-Winning business growth services, our team has grown.

We get to know our clients intimately while helping their business grow.

Working closely alongside CEO’s and Owners of ethical, sustainable businesses we craft messages, images and marketing campaigns to grow your brand and influence online and generate sales for your business.